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We have added another service to our metals processing

Our new state-of-the-art crusher is now operational at our Livingston metals processing site.

We have added another element to our metal processing and cleaning operations with the installation of our new UNTHA RS50 crusher.

The crusher has been configured to suit our specific crushing needs - we take your uncrushed turnings and convert them to small chip size (15 - 20mm) pieces. The result is a robust shred with a yield that is ready to go through the wash process.

No other crusher boasts such impressive throughputs and, as the first step in the metal cleaning processing we offer, gives you unbeatable turnaround from uncrushed, contaminated material to clean, oil-free and moisture-free shiny product with continuous outstanding results meeting required industry standards. Further to this, our in house analyser allows us to monitor and ensure these results every time.

Watch our crusher in action:

For more information on our metal crushing and cleaning services, get in touch.

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