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Turnings Processing

Our bespoke turnings wash-line has been specially designed to process a wide variety of metal and alloy turnings.


Watch it in action!


Coupled with our unique, in-house developed, chemical technology you are guaranteed successfully cleaned, dried material with consistently outstanding results. Further, to offer you greater reassurance, we monitor and maintain these results with our own state-of-the-art, elemental analyser. We have honed our machine’s performance to achieve regular yields in excess of 97%.

Get in touch to discuss your specific metal cleaning needs.

Thermal Barrier Coating Removal

We offer highly specialist cleaning solutions for full and effective removal of TBC from turbine blades. Our unique chemical process successfully removes all coating without damaging the structure of the blade. Suitable on blades used in aviation and oil & gas.

Turnings Crushing

PHOTO-2024-06-06-11-37-04 3.jpg

Our new, state of the art, crusher provides excellent product chipping to all types of metal turnings. Ideally suited to super alloys and the perfect preparation for turnings that require processing. 

Acid Etching and Descaling

Our in-house chemical processes allow us to descale any metal or alloy surfaces to provide clean and contaminant-free surfaces. Using specially selected corrosion inhibitors, we prevent damage to the metal or alloy substrates.

Solid, Metal and Alloy Degreasing


Using specially formulated solutions, we provide unrivalled cleaning services to remove all types of organic and inorganic soiling from all types of metal parts and components.

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