Proficio is an experienced provider of cleaning services for organisations in various industries. The company’s success is founded upon a commitment to provide tailor made services for each individual client. Identifying clients’ needs and providing innovative solutions is at the heart of the company’s cleaning operation. 


Contract Cleaning
Proficio have the capabilities to provide a comprehensive cleaning programme tailored to clients' specific requirements. For more than a decade, Proficio have been providing contract cleaning services for many areas of industry including offices, public transport fleets, factory units and commercial window cleaning.
It is Proficio’s aim to ensure that any facility is cleaned to the highest possible standard to provide a tidy, hygienic workplace and promote a healthy working environment. In collaboration with the customer an appropriate cleaning strategy is devised to ensure delivery of an exceptional service.
All cleaning operatives receive full in-house training prior to entering clients’ premises. To ensure the company’s high standards are being met a supervisor is always on-site and work is continually monitored to ensure that the cleaning services provided are of the standard expected by clients.

Contract Manufacturing

Proficio provide services to companies who require the manufacture of chemical products. We can either create bespoke products, tailor made for clients' needs or manufacture products according to pre-exisitng formulae. Should you wish to have your own brand attached to the product, Proficio have labelling and packaging services to facilitate this.


Specialist Cleaning

Our specialist teams provide a range of industrial and commercial cleaning services including graffiti and chewing gum removal, high pressure jetting, steam cleaning, site clearances, forecourt and garage/workshop cleaning, new build and refurbishment cleans, and deep cleans for industrial units and commercial premises.


Metal Restoration and Coating Removal

We provide a range of services for both new and recycled metals including coating removal and the revitalisation of aged metal. Further information on the services we provide can be found here.

Should you require any further information regarding any of Proficio’s cleaning services please do not hesitate to Contact Us.

Floor Scrubbing
The manufacture of chemical products
Graffiti Removal